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  • A. Restoration

I love working with precious photographs & have now introduced a photo restoration service 🖤.

My introductory price starts from $60.
Restorations may include restoring/repairing dust marks, scratches, stains, discolouration, creases, tears and more.

Step 1 -
Please email me the photo for review so I can confirm the price for your image. (at this stage, a phone snap of the photo is sufficient).
I will take into account the size and overall complexity in determining a quote.

Step 2 -
If you would like to proceed, I will send you a request for payment via email.
Please also forward to me the highest resolution scan of your image you can get.
(A high resolution scan will make the restoration worthwhile & will allow for a beautiful quality print).

Step 3
I will work on restoring your photograph!

Step 4
Once restoration is complete, I will email you a high resolution digital file via an online file sharing link.

Please note -
If you would also like a beautiful archival fine art print of your image, please let me know so I can quote for this also.
The image will be professionally printed on an A4 cotton paper and will include a white border. I will then deliver it to you via registered post.


Please allow up to two weeks for the restoration to be completed. Though if the job is urgent, please let me know.

Do not hesitate to make contact if you have any questions.


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